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About Us

GoGrab.in was started by Ganesh Raj Mohan Parimelazhagan, Siva Prakash and N Pandiaraj in June 2012. Using the platform, customers can access their favorite restaurants menu card, order food for door delivery and take away online. Chennai-based online restaurant aggregator goGrab.in, that aggregates information about restaurants and provides service of these restaurants online, has been merged with AnyCommerce Chennai Pvt Ltd.

Anycommerce + Gograb Merging got featured in Your Story. and in AnyCommerce.

Mr.Senthil Nayagam is a successful entrepreneur who founded Sedin Technologies, a software services company in Chennai. Sedin Technologies now has offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Sunnyvale (US) and Zurich (Switzerland).AnyCommerce is his second venture, which he started after he stepped down from his role as CEO at RailsFactory on August 01, 2014.

The Hindu interview with the Founder Mr.Senthil Nayagam AnyCommerce eyes acquisitions.

Now AnyCommerce is all set to add own delivery and logistics setup.